Deceived In The Sheets (E-Book)

Deceived In The Sheets (E-Book)

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Being sexual is somehow embedded in our DNA as humans.  The urge to engage in sexual innuendoes crosses our minds constantly and consistently.  However, it is the choices we make after those thoughts enter our minds that develop the person that is on the inside of us. Most people have no clue how they get those sexual urges or why they choose the person that they choose to have sex with. However, we must   understand that we are led by choices.

 In researching and listening to individuals for the information contained in this book, I was enlightened by a variety of responses. Some women and men alike said they have used sex to pay rent,   and put food on the table. The men have admitted to using sex as a way for a woman to repay him for favors, loans, etc. One of the most alarming things is that the information provided came from individuals who claim a Christian faith.  I judge not the intentions or actions of these people because I have been guilty of using sex inappropriately. How do we as Christians become so dependent on our physical attributes that we use it to barter sexual acts in exchanged for goods or services rendered? What measure of pleasure do we get from engaging in sex except for the climax of releasing our bodily fluids?

 The choices we make feed and fuel who we are, and what we will become.  The choice to sell your body for sex makes one a prostitute rather male or female. The choice to give away your body for help with bills causes you to belittle yourself and lower your self-esteem. The choice to have sex because you feel lonely causes you to sleep with any person that finds you attractive. Why do we allow our sexuality to overpower the person we want to become? I am not speaking from a place of those who do not know what the word says about sexual immorality.

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